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SHEETAH wins the heart of those looking for high-quality steel thanks to its outstanding flexibility and extensive customisation.

Are you a professional looking for sheet profile panels in all possible colours and sizes? Maybe you’re an architect looking for an aesthetic and sustainable eye-catcher? We look forward to hearing your query.


SHEETAH stands firmly on its feet.
Our state-of-the-art machinery produces at least 3,400,000 m2 profile sheets every year. We enjoy fully immersing ourselves into myriad projects and sales markets.


SHEETAH may not be the largest pack on the market, but with 29 passionate and dedicated people, we easily achieve an annual turnover of €100 million.
Lean and mean!


We will achieve your goal in the blink of an eye. Ask us anything.
With a clear structure and complete in-house production, we can quickly focus on what you need.
Your regular SHEETAH guide will work with you to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time.


In addition to traditional solutions, we also offer innovative and attractive alternatives. Our click-braid roof sheet or click-braid roof with solar panels are an aesthetic alternative for a sustainable roofing system with an eye-catching appearance. Unique in Europe!

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With SOLAR SHEETAH we have an international first. The long lifespan in combination with the installation speed, manoeuvrability and architectural appearance ensure we can also take advantage of the ecological added-value of steel in other target groups. Both in Belgium and throughout Europe.

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How do you literally get extra energy from a steel roof construction in a sustainable and budget-friendly way? The effectiveness and beauty of SOLAR SHEETAH has been shining on us for decades.