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Steel sheets

SHEETAH produces profiled sheet panels with guarantees that are as strong as steel.
Are you looking for a first choice solution for your roof or wall cladding, fencing, interior decoration or so much more? View our offer.

Roof Sheets

Roof sheets can be used as a roof covering for your garden shed or carport, false ceiling, yard fencing and interior decoration. Horizontal and vertical fitting possible.

Click seam

Our click standing seam steel profile is unique in Europe.
Install your sheet profile panels in an instant thanks to our innovative system that can be used to click the individual plates together quickly and easily.

solar sheetah

Get extra energy from our most innovative roof solution that combines a steel click seam profile with integrated solar cells. Ecological and innovative craftsmanship.

Wall sheets

Wall sheets can be used to add a finishing touch to your fence, façade cladding, interior decoration and so much more.

Corrugated steel sheets

Corrugated steel sheets can be used as roof covering for a garden shed or carport, false ceiling, yard fence, interior wall and so much more.

Flat sheets

Flat sheet can be used, among other things, as a basis for sheet metal processing, fencing, façade cladding and interior decoration.

Tile effect roofing sheets

Tile effect roofing sheets can be used as a roof covering for a patio, garden shed, carport and other applications.


Steeldeck is the perfect base for (roof) flooring and increases the fire resistance of buildings. Great diversity of possible applications.


Palissades can be used as a base for a low-maintenance, rust-free fence. An aesthetic solution that guarantees 100% privacy.


Each offers the perfect solution to complete your order and your project. Customisation possible, maximum length 3 metres.

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Roof sheet

Roof sheet

Roof sheet

Roof sheet

Roof sheet

Roof sheet


Click standing seam steel profile

Wall sheet

Wall sheet

Wall sheet

Wall sheet

Corrugated sheet

Corrugated sheet

Corrugated sheet

Flat sheet

Tile effect roofing sheet



Verge board for roof tile sheets

Verge board

Upstand verge board

Upstand serrated apron flashing tile

Ridge for roof tile sheets

Downstand serrated apron flashing tile

Semi-circular ridge for roof sheets

Serrated ridge tile


Profile sheets
per year

All our steel sheet profile panels are produced in our facilities in Koekelare.
The sales team is located close to us, which ensures we are able to consult with them very quickly. We can therefore adjust production very flexibly based on the wishes of our customers. It’s great to be a part of this ambitious family business.

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